3 Days in Vegas, representing over 450 Law Firms, covering 50 Mass Torts Topics

Exhibitor and Sponsorship Information Details

Exhibitor and Sponsorship Information Details

Each Mass Torts Made Perfect seminar is a unique opportunity to meet and network with 750+ plaintiff lawyers from around the country. MTMP hosts attorneys from 45+ states who come from all different types of law firms – the largest mass tort firms; mid-sized firms that handle personal injury, medical malpractice and mass torts; small firms handling local personal injury cases; as well as sole practitioners.

MTMP draws 250-300 brand new attendees to each seminar, who have never attended MTMP before. This creates a fantastic networking opportunity for you twice a year to build brand new relationships.

The demographic make-up and number of new and repeat attendees offers vendors a unique opportunity to get in front of an audience of potential new clients at every MTMP seminar. The conference set-up is ideal for vendors.


BRAND NEW Wednesday Exhibit Hall Opportunity

This year in April we will feature a NEW WEDNESDAY exhibit hall, in addition to our traditional Thursday-Friday exhibit hall.  The Wednesday Exhibit Hall will be a smaller, one-day hall in Latour Ballroom featuring 30 6-foot tabletop displays and includes Wednesday attendance ONLY.  This is an additional purchase and registration than the Thursday-Friday sessions and Exhibit Hall.  If you want to attend the Thursday-Friday sessions or exhibit Thursday-Friday you need to make an additional purchase.  Please see Vendor Contract for details and inclusions.


Traditional Thursday-Friday Exhibit Hall

The Thursday-Friday Exhibit Hall in Lafite Ballroom is a hub of activity throughout the seminar, with over 64 booths in the Exhibit Hall and a limited number of booths in the Foyer. The Exhibit Hall is located adjacent to the seminar room, and attendees cannot access the meeting room without walking through the Exhibit Hall. Also, breakfast and coffee breaks each day take place in the Exhibit Hall, as well as a cocktail reception on Thursday evening. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your business through the contacts you will make at MTMP.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Charging Station AVAILABLE
  • Friday Morning Bloody Marys and Mimosas Bar AVAILABLE
  • Water Bottles  AVAILABLE
  • Conference App SOLD
  • First-Time Attendees’ Reception SOLD
  • Gender Partnership Networking Event SOLD
  • Hotel Key Card SOLD
  • Novelty Stations in the Exhibit Hall – Espresso bar, ice cream stand, popcorn, etc. SOLD
  • Seminar Lanyards SOLD
  • Texting Service SOLD
  • Thursday and Friday Breakfasts SOLD
  • Thursday Luncheon SOLD
  • Thursday Night Cocktail Reception SOLD
  • Wednesday Business of Law Gold Sponsorship SOLD
  • Wednesday Nuts & Bolt Day SOLD
  • Wednesday Opening Night Gala at Jewel Nightclub SOLD
  • Welcome Bags SOLD
  • WiFi Service SOLD
  • Women in Leadership Breakfast SOLD



For the first time, we will be dividing up the seminar agenda into tracks so that attendees can plan out their schedules for what topics they want to attend in a more organized manner over the course of the conference. We are opening this opportunity up to vendors to allow more face-time with attendees. This is IN ADDITION to a sponsorship or booth commitment, and you MUST purchase a Th-Friday Exhibit Booth to be eligible for this opportunity.  This is being offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please see Vendor Contract for details and contact Heather Shanahan with questions.  Currently, there are Finance Tracks available for purchase Friday morning and (1) half-hour Legal Services Track available Friday morning.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my Thursday/Friday Exhibitor Booth (this does not apply to Weds booth)?

Booth: Freeman Expo Services will create an exhibit hall with pipe and drape, and each Exhibitor will have a private booth, either on the perimeter or middle of the Thursday/Friday Exhibit Hall. Each Thursday-Friday Exhibit Booth receives a 10 X 10 booth space with a 6-foot table, 2 chairs and wastebasket.

Staff: (4) complimentary staff from your company who can all educational and networking events Weds-Friday (including breakfast, lunch and cocktail receptions). You cannot register a person from another company as part of your staff.

Marketing: Your company logo will be advertised on our conference website and conference signage, and you will receive one pre- and one post-attendee list which includes mailing address only.  We also provide every attendee a list of all the vendors and their contact information, making it very easy for them to find you after the seminar has ended.

Can we bring more than 4 Staff?

Yes. Any staff in addition to the complimentary (4) people must pay $1,095 to attend. This will include the regular perks of booth staff.  You can register extra staff on page 2 of the contract, available for download below, or contact Heather Shanahan at Hshanahan@mtmp.com.

Attendance for Vendors at the Wednesday Opening Gala Reception and Thursday Luncheon — we no longer have to pay separately for those?

Correct!  We have folded into the Thursday/Friday Exhibitor package (not Weds booth) attendance at those events, so you no longer need to pay separately for them.

Is Booth sharing among similar companies who work together allowed?

No, we do not allow companies to share booth space.

Where are the Exhibit Halls located and what are the hours?

  • One-Day Wednesday Exhibit Hall is open 7:00am-4:30pm Weds in Latour Ballroom. Set up is Tuesday afternoon and tear down is Weds at 5:00pm.
  • Thursday-Friday Exhibit Hall is open 7:00am-7:00pm Thursday; 7:00am-2:00pm Friday in Lafite Ballroom.  Set up is Wednesday evening and tear down is 2:00pm Friday.

How do I order electricity or other booth supplies?

The following forms will be made available soon.

  • Internet
  • Electric
  • Business Center

What is the shipping address?

  • Freeman Expo Shipping Address:    Use this address if you want to ship to Freeman and have them deliver your boxes directly to the hotel Thursday/Friday exhibit hall on Set-Up hours. Please visit their site to review their forms for payment and delivery.  Your Company Name, Booth #, MTMP Fall 2016 Seminar, C/O Freeman, 6675 W Sunset Rd., Las Vegas, NV, 89118.  DO NOT SHIP WEDNESDAY BOOTH ITEMS TO FREEMAN. THEY WILL ONLY RECEIVE AND DELIVER THURSDAY-FRIDAY BOOTH SUPPLIES.
  • Hotel Shipping Address: Use this address if you want to ship smaller items to yourself at the hotel.  (You must ship with Freeman to deliver large booth freight.) The Wynn Hotel, 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109. HOLD FOR GUEST, Your Name/Company, Booth number.

What is the company that I need to use to ship my Thursday-Friday Exhibit Booth items?

We have engaged Freeman Expo Services for this program to handle your shipping, and to provide pipe and drapes for Thursday-Friday booths. Check back soon to download Freeman Shipping Forms.

Who do I call to make a hotel reservation, and are you offering a discounted rate?

Hotel Reservations: To reserve a room at The Wynn, please call 866-770-7555 and refer to the MTMP discounted room rate of $249/night plus tax.  The cut-off date is March 19 and is based on availability.  The hotel will sell out early, so make your reservations as soon as possible.

Exhibitor and Sponsorship Forms

  • Sponsorship and Exhibitor Contract
  • Weds One-day Exhibit Hall Floorplan
  • Thursday-Friday Exhibit Hall Floor Plan
  • Electric – available soon
  • Business Center – available soon
  • Freeman Services Form – available soon



We would like to make you aware of a situation that has been brought to our attention. There are companies (such as, Exhibition Hotel Management, Convention Housing Services, and Global Housing) who have been contacting our exhibitors to “assist” with hotel reservations. They sometimes disguise themselves as the MTMP Housing Bureau or some affiliate of MTMP, or claim to represent The Wynn Hotel. They may claim they can get better rates, that rooms are limited, or use other sales pitch methods. They are NOT the official housing bureau and are NOT affiliated with MTMP or The Wynn in any way.

If you receive a call from this or any company claiming to represent MTMP or The Wynn, be aware that this may be a scam and DO NOT MAKE THE RESERVATION. These companies are not affiliated with us in any capacity. If you are contacted by any such company, please ask for the company name, phone number, address, and contact who called (email if possible) and email it to us. Typically, once you start asking for their information, they will hang up on you.

Please make your reservations directly with The Wynn Hotel.


Contact Us For More Information
For questions regarding sponsorship and exhibits, contact Heather Shanahan: Email: hshanahan@mtmp.com or call 610-585-7361.