3 Days in Vegas, representing over 450 Law Firms, covering 50 Mass Torts Topics

Below are the speakers from our October 2017 MTMP conference.

We will post our April 2018 speakers in mid-January.

Mass Torts Made Perfect wishes to acknowledge the speakers for our October 2017 conference, and we encourage you to explore their biographical information by clicking on their images.

If you are a speaker, please visit our guide to preparing for your speech, and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Click Speaker Guide & FAQs.


Adam Evans

Hollis Law Firm

Adam Slater

Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman

Aimee Wagstaff

Andrus Wagstaff

Alexander Shunnarah

Law Offices of Alexander Shunnarah

Amy Eskin

Levin Simes

Amy Papesh

Elk & Elk

Amy Quezon

McHugh Fuller Law Group

Andrea Godoy

Relion Group

Andy Childers

Childers, Schlueter & Smith, LLC

Andy Rogers

Walker Advertising

Ann Rice Ervin

Motley Rice

Anne W. Schiavone

Holman Schiavone, LLC

Annesley DeGaris

DeGaris & Rogers, LLC

April Cowgill-Knight

Hissey Kientz, LLP

Ari Kornhaber

Esquire Bank

Ben Fiandaca

Scorpion Internet Marketing

Ben Gordon

Levin Papantonio

Bill Cash

Levin Papantonio

Bill Robins

Robins Cloud, LLP

Brandon Bogle

Levin Papantonio

Brent Wisner

Baum Hedlund

Burton LeBlanc

Barron & Budd

Chad E. Ihrig

Nix, Patterson & Roach, L.L.P.

Chad Mance

The Mance Law Group

Chase Givens

Jacoby & Meyers

Chris Paulos

Levin Papantonio

Christopher Coffin

Pendley, Baudin & Coffin, L.L.P.

Corey M. Stern

Levy Konigsberg

Daniel Nigh

Levin Papantonio

Danielle Gold

Weitz & Luxenberg

Darin Schanker

Bachus & Schanker

David Buchanan

Seeger Weiss

David Gruber

Gruber Law Offices

David Hodges

Kennedy Hodges L.L.P.

David N. Lefkowitz

The Lefkowitz Firm

David TeSelle

Burg Simpson

Doug Kreis

Aylstock Witkin

Doug Schreiner

Jackson Schreiner

Edward Lake

Gacovino & Lake

Elizabeth Graham

Grant & Eisenhofer

Emmie Paulos

Levin Papantonio

Eric Bersano

iLawyer Marketing

Erin Copeland

Fibich Leebron

F. Lee Bailey

Bailey & Elliot Consulting

Gabriel Assaad

Kennedy Hodges L.L.P.

Gary Falkowitz

Intake Conversion Experts

Gary L. Wilson

Robins Kaplan

Genevieve Zimmerman

Meshbesher Spence

Ginger Susman

Providio MediSolutions

Holly Kammerer

Burg Simpson

Hon. Sandra Moss (Ret.)

The Stephen & Sandra Center for Social Justice

Jake Kulp

Law Tigers

James Green

Ashcraft & Gerel

James Matthews, III

Blansingame Burch

Jarret Prussin

SBA Loan Group

Jasper Ward

Jones Ward

Javier A. Lopez

Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton

Jennifer Lenze

Lenze Moss

Joe Rice

Motley Rice

John Jackson

Jackson Schreiner

John Romano

Romano Law Group

Joseph DiNardo

Counsel Financial

Julia Reed Zaic

Heaviside Reed Zaic

Justin Browne

Janet Jenner & Suggs

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Karen Barth Menzies

Gibbs Law Group

Kate E. Jaycox

Robins Kaplan

Kim Lambert Adams

Levin Papantonio

Kimberly Dougherty

Andrus Wagstaff

Kyle Bachus

Bachus & Schanker

Lance Unglesby

Unglesby Law

Laura Voght

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.

Leigh O’Dell

Beasley Allen

Lexi Hazam

Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein

Lisa Ann Gorshe

Johnson Becker

Mark Crawford

Skikos Crawford

Mark Lanier

The Lanier Law Firm

Mark Niemeyer

Niemeyer Grebel & Kruse

Micah Adkins

The Adkins Firm

Michael Burg

Burg Simpson

Michael London

Douglas & London

Michael Talve

The Expert Institute

Michelle Parfitt

Ashcraft & Gerel

Mikal Watts

Watts Guerra

Mike Papantonio

Levin Papantonio

Olga Viner

Robins Cloud

Palmer Lambert

Gainsburgh Benjamin

Patrick H. Garrard

Blasingame, Burch, Garrard & Ashley

Paul Pennock

Weitz & Luxenberg

Paul T. Farrell Jr.

Greene, Ketchum, Farrell

Rachel V. Rose

The Nations Law Firm

Ramon Rossi Lopez

Lopez McHugh, LLP

Robert Jenner

Janet Jenner & Suggs

Robin Greenwald

Weitz Luxemberg

Seth Katz

Burg Simpson

Shannon Pennock

The Pennock Law Firm

Sheryl Berkowitz

Fenstersheib & Berkowitz

Sindhu S. Daniel

Baron & Budd

Steve Nober

Consumer Attorney Marketing Group

Tara Sutton

Robins Kaplan LLP

Tim O’Brien

Levin Papantonio

Tobi Millrood

Pogust Braslow Millrood

Todd Mathews

Gori Julian

Tom Girardi

Girardi Keese

Troy Rafferty

Levin Papantonio

Wesley Bowden

Levin Papantonio

William C. Mulvey

Garretson Resolution Group