Geldhof Consulting

Speaker Bio

James V. Geldhof is a consultant to a group of law firms representing plaintiffs in opioid litigation.  Mr. Geldhof is a previous DEA-Diversion Program Manager where he was responsible for the Diversion Operations for seven diversion groups within the states of Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.  He also served as a DEA – Diversion Group Supervisor where he was tasked with investigations aimed at preventing diversion controlled substances into the illicit market.

Mr. Geldhof has been awarded the DEA Outstanding Performance award, as well as the DEA Exceptional Performance award, DEA Administrators Award for Group Performance and U.S. Attorney Letters of Commendation.  He is a Board of Director for Bryan’s Hope and is a member of the Commission of Kentucky Colonel.  Mr. Geldhof is located in Lake Orion, Michigan.