National Injury Help

Speaker Bio

Austin is the Executive Director of National Injury Help. His legal career started in 1994 working for a local consumer law attorney who wanted to expand his practice in San Diego California.  After increasing his business by over 500% within 12 months, Austin was offered a position by his sister and future brother in law in a start up firm, Phillips and Associates based in Arizona.

Austin started as an intake specialist and helped build the law firm from the ground up utilizing fellow college baseball teammates to work for the firm and help develop integral roles.  Initially, an exclusive criminal law practice, Austin helped turn Phillips and Associates from a two lawyer firm to an 800 lb. gorilla dominating all competition for criminal law, bankruptcy law, divorce law, and personal injury with over 30 lawyers.

Over the years at Phillips and Associates, Austin managed advertising, receptionists,  intake, collections, and all use of technology to create a better client experience and business advantage for the firm. In addition, he pursued expansion office throughout Arizona and San Diego.

In 2001, Austin was transferred to San Diego to open the expansion office, and manage the non-legal functions of the firm. This is where he fell in love with Mass Torts and the idea of being able to help clients, on a National scale, fight against greedy corporations.  In 2013, Austin helped form National Injury Help and has embraced social media as a means of mass communication and marketing in partnership with several leading national litigation firms.  Firms such as Grant & Eisenhofer, Kershaw, Cook & Tally, Baron & Budd, Reich & Binstock, Beasley Allen, Motley Rice, Forester & Haynie, and many other leading National Law Firms.

Austin is exceptional in creating an ideal client experience without compromising ethics. Having worked as the Executive Director for a “œbig fish in a small pond” for more than a decade, he has always been held to the highest standards of client communication and ethics.   Erring on the side of caution, but always pushing the envelope with technology, Austin is constantly testing marketing platforms, working with artificial intelligence, predictive conversation technology, and creating funnels to make communication more effective.

Austin holds the highest standards with the intake staff.  Respect, sympathy, courteous, manners are some of the values we hold when speaking with potential claimants because people may not have a claim but they deserve dignity and respect.  These communication standards don't end with clients as all of the staff at National Injury Help is given the utmost respect and love. That's why many people have worked with Austin for decades.