MTMP's CLE process is designed with your convenience in mind.

Please review the following details to help you navigate the MTMP CLE process.

In order to receive CLE credit for all in-person seminars, it is imperative that you complete the required paperwork on-site and submit all the necessary pages at the conclusion of your time at the seminar. 

All attendees must complete a Uniform Certificate of Attendance in order to receive CLE credit.

During the MTMP Spring Seminar: The forms can be found at the registration counters located in the Conference Lounge of the Wynn Hotel during posted registration hours and in the Welcome Packet proved in the welcome bag at registration check-in.

During the MTMP Fall Seminar: The forms can be found at the registration counters located in the Da Vinci Foyer of the Bellagio Hotel during posted registration hours and in the Welcome Packet provided at registration check-in. We will provide the updated form closer to the conference.

  1. Kindly complete the certificate including your state(s) of license and bar number(s).  There is space provided for three separate state entries.  Please complete a second form if you report to more than three state bars.
  2. No need to worry about Activity # this will be added by the CLE Manager if necessary.
  3. Be sure to return the completed certificate to the designated CLE boxes or to the registration counters before departing the seminar. This document is mandatory for reporting CLE credit earned.  All completed and verified certificates are returned to the attorneys and paralegals** via email.


NO! You must complete, sign and submit ONSITE at the end of the seminar the Uniform Certificates of Attendance in order to receive credit.

CLE Credit hours will vary depending on the state’s accreditation requirements and the sessions you attend.

You need to track the sessions you attend each day, fill in the forms legibly with the bar number for each state you are requesting credits, sign the form, and hand it in before you leave the seminar venue.

We apply to all states requested except for Virginia.

YES! When you sign and complete the Uniform Certificate of Attendance you will check off only the sessions you attended.

We historically offer 1 ethics credit for each live event.

Visit the Help Desk at the MTMP registration counters. Kathleen McFadden, our CLE manager, and our team at registration will be happy to help you.

MTMP will not be responsible for the timely filing of materials received after a seminar has concluded. Please reach out to Kathleen McFadden if your request is 30 days after the dates of the in-person event. Any late submissions received will delay your credit processing.

It depends on which state(s) you are licensed in. Some states allow the sponsor (MTMP) to report attendance and others require that the individual attorney report their attendance. Visit here for reporting directions.


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