Mass Torts
Made Perfect

MTMP Virtual Vegas

This year, Mike Papantonio and the MTMP team will host the Mass Torts Made Perfect seminar as a virtual event that will include over 75+ speakers on panels arranged into tracks of programming, allowing all attendees to move freely and easily between tracks and attend sessions that are most valuable to attendees and their practice. 

Attendees who participate in our virtual Fall conference will have the opportunity to build their own itinerary and take part in other virtual opportunities to grow their network and practice. These opportunities include our virtual exhibit hall where you will be able to interact from a wide variety of vendors in the legal space, a virtual cocktail party where you can see others who are attending the virtual event and be able to network in “chat rooms” set up to help facilitate finding other attendees to interact with during the reception, and finally, our MTMP featured event – A Conversation with Matthew Mcconaughey!

MTMP Virtual Vegas Offers An Interactive, User-Friendly Platform Which Includes:


Attendees can send private messages to one another or to speakers, which will also boost the networking potential. Attendees can use this functionality as well as other features to set up side meetings with other attendees or speakers, or to find the specific vendor or company that they are interested in exploring by visiting the vendor section of the platform.

Live Q&A

The sessions in all four tracks will feature live question and answer – interact in real-time with the speakers, and get your questions answered! As for virtual meetings during the event, attendees can conduct live video chat calls with other participants.

Activity Feed

Attendees can use the activity feed to create their own private social network with other attendees, and post photos, messages, comments, as well as create advertisements and post specialized notices. The networking components also allow you to set up virtual face-to-face meetings with other attendees.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

We organize all of our vendors into groupings so that attendees can easily locate the vendors whose services they need, and then can visit that vendor’s special page, where the vendors can answer questions live via Video Chat, post video demonstrations about their products and services or host a live demo during the event. Attendees and vendors can also set up separate meeting times to take place during or after the virtual event. MTMP attendees know the value of our vendors and sponsors and and staying up-to-date on the latest products and services in the legal arena. This virtual exhibit hall offers attendees and vendors an easy way to find each other, share information and network.