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Mass Torts Made Perfect, LLC
316 South Baylen St., #400
Pensacola, FL 32502
Phone: 800-320-2227
Email: sboothe@Levinlaw.com

Sharon Boothe is the Vice President of Programs at Mass Torts Made Perfect and oversees the entire MTMP portfolio of programs. This includes the MTMP seminar, the Business of Law and Marketing bonus day, and additional MTMP programs, including the annual Mass Torts Judicial Forum, which is held in Philadelphia and has hosted such prominent speakers as Judge Cynthia Rufe, Judge David Herndon, Judge David Katz, and Judge Sandra Mazer Moss. She also oversees the fundraising arm of MTMP, and has organized auctions to support the American Association for Justice and the Sheller Center for Social Justice at Temple Law School in Philadelphia. Sharon also serves as the Executive Director of the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame at Temple Law School, which houses portraits and interactive content of the lives of Hall of Fame inductees. Prior to joining MTMP in 2011, Sharon was President of HB Litigation Conferences, and started her career in 1991, launching the Mealey’s Conference division of Mealey Publications. Email: sboothe@Levinlaw.com or call 610-644-3943.

Aimee Ainslie manages Registrations and Customer Service for MTMP. She has worked in seminar management for over 10 years. Prior to joining MTMP, Aimee was an assistant manager with Mealey’s Conferences, a division of Mealey Publications, where she handled all aspects of meeting planning for over 50 seminars annually. Email: aainslie@mtmp.com or call 610-585-8884.

Heather Shanahan manages the Vendor and Sponsorship Relationships and Customer Service for the MTMP programs. She the has worked in seminar management for over 15 years. Prior to joining MTMP, Heather worked in sales for HB Litigation conferences, and prior to that, worked as the Conference Manager of Mealey’s Conferences, a division of Mealey Publications, where she planned and executed up to 50 conferences annually. Email: hshanahan@mtmp.com or call 610-585-7361.

Cilia Barrett manages the Continuing Legal Education Program for MTMP seminars. Cilia also manages the on site staffing for all MTMP seminars. For questions regarding CLE at past conferences, Email: cbarrett@levinlaw.com or call 850-435-7027.