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Speaker Bio

Attorney Sejal Brahmbhatt is a highly skilled legal expert of the Williams Hart team, who, for the past 18 years, has established an impressive record in personal injury, pharmaceutical litigation, and labor and employment law. Sejal is licensed to practice in Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. She is a member of several legal professional associations and has received countless awards and honors throughout her career.

Sejal is the Managing Attorney for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices at the law firm.  She has extensive knowledge and experience related to case management, litigation, and resolution.  Most recently, she managed the Depakote cases at the firm.  This litigation involved children who were born with a wide range of birth defects as a result of their mothers ingesting Depakote while pregnant.  She was part of the trial team that obtained a $38 million verdict, which was affirmed on appeal, and a $15 million verdict that settled while on appeal.  Sejal is currently focused on litigations involving Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder, Elmiron, and Valsartan.

Her inherent drive to help others seemed certain long before Sejal was born. “My parents went through tremendous hardship in the 70’s. They were in Uganda when Idi Amin kicked out all of the Indians. My parents, who lived in the country, had no rights or representation. The stories of their struggles during this time left a lasting impression on me and influenced my decision to become an attorney.”

After graduating from the University of Houston with a double major in Psychology and Political Science in 1996, Sejal went on to acquire her law degree at South Texas College of Law in 2000.  “As the first child on my father’s side of the family to graduate from college, let alone law school, I feel an obligation to serve not just my family, but the community at large. That obligation pushes me professionally as I find my drive in the injured people that we represent.”

To Sejal, teamwork within the firm is what makes Williams Hart different. “I work with an excellent team. We all get along and support one another. We all come from different walks of life and unique backgrounds, but when we band together; we are a true force to be reckoned with. That unity and our common cause, getting the best result for our clients, is the real advantage of this firm.” She adds, “We form bonds with our clients and want the very best for them so when a client is happy with their outcome, that is not just a good day for them, but it is a good day for me and the firm!”

Sejal, who grew up in Sugar Land, Texas with her parents and younger sister, has sage advice for her clients or anyone who is involved in any sort of lawsuit and that is, “Be patient! We work hard on your behalf and will do everything possible to get the best possible outcome for you, but the legal process takes time.”