Williams Hart & Boundas

Speaker Bio

Attorney Sejal Brahmbhatt is the Managing Attorney for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices at Williams Hart & Boundas law firm. For nearly 20 years, Sejal has established an impressive record in personal injury and pharmaceutical litigation.

Sejal is licensed to practice in Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and the U.S. Supreme Court. She is a member of several legal professional associations.

Sejal has been invited to speak at many conferences on topics such as the various pharmaceutical litigations in which she is involved, how to maneuver the mass tort arena, and how to litigate a pharmaceutical case.  Most recently, her focus has been on topics specific to women attorneys.  With over 20 years of experience and a colorful background, she brings a unique perspective to the legal field, especially in mass torts.  Sejal has received many awards and honors throughout her career, but connecting with other women in law has been a special highlight.

She has extensive knowledge and experience in case management, litigation, and resolution. She managed the Depakote docket at the firm, which involved children born with a wide range of congenital disabilities due to their mothers taking the prescription drug Depakote while pregnant.

Sejal was a member of the trial team that obtained a $38 million verdict, which was affirmed on appeal, and a $15 million verdict that was settled while on appeal. Sejal is currently focused on litigations involving Johnson & Johnson's Talcum Powder, Elmiron, and Valsartan.