22 Law Firm Marketing Ideas & Tips for 2021

Written by iLawyerMarketing

If you're like most attorneys that market their practice online, you know just how competitive Internet marketing is in the legal space. Especially when it comes to personal injury law firm marketing, criminal attorney marketing, family law and employment law (or pretty much any consumer focused area of law). Below are 22 law firm marketing ideas & tips to help you generate more business for your firm in 2021.

  1. Hire a better SEO company

The first tip is an obvious one, but it still needs to be said because it's such a common problem among law firms today. Far too many law firms hire a marketing agency or SEO person that is incapable of getting top organic rankings on Google in a competitive market. If that's the case with your law firm, you are probably wasting your money and potentially damaging your reputation with Google (which means it will take even longer to get the results you want).



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