3 Steps to Acquiring Mass Tort Claimants

Mass Torts! Sounds like a huge undertaking, doesn't it? Mass Torts is no different than any other challenge. You start by breaking the challenge into smaller parts until you figure it out. These steps can help you see the benefits of using an agency as opposed doing everything yourself.

1. Hire an Agency

An agency leverages marketing experts that advertise, generate leads, and ultimately screen potential claimants using your criteria through the use of an intake center. Using SEO and paid search, marketers can help generate potential claimants and increase case load inventory. Custom solutions for each mass tort will enable you to fulfill claimant's needs easier and have a set cost associated for each claimant. Your ROI will be transparent with every retainer generated.

2. Provide Your Intake, Retainer, and HIPPA

Using your Intake Questionnaire, Retainer, and HIPAA an agency will collect all pertinent information, as well as disqualify potential claimants if they do not meet your pre-qualifications. Collecting and screening takes time away from your law practice. Let an agency do the leg work, so that you can spend more time filing cases.

3. Receive Fully Executed Package

The agency will provide:

Executed Retainer Agreement: DocuSign program to retain claimants while they are on the phone. During the process, the claimant/fiduciary will complete all necessary signatures on their legal documents via eSign Technology. No more unnecessary paper cluttering your office.

HIPAA/HITECH Authorization: HIPAA certified partners assist with securely obtaining the HIPAA/HITECH authorization or any other necessary documentation that is needed by the law firm.

FULL INTAKE QUESTIONNAIRE: Intake questionnaire with all pertinent information, as well as disqualify potential claimants based on your criteria.

As you can see, Mass Torts is no biggie at all!

We are ready to work with you! Contact Adwire Media today to start a Mass Tort campaign.


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