How to Choose the Right Mass Tort Marketing Company

August 24, 2020

If your law firm is contemplating getting into mass tort litigation, choosing the right marketing company is critical to your overall success. Each year, lawyers are spending nearly $850 million in mass tort litigation. So, spending your marketing dollars wisely will yield the best results. By following a few guiding principles, you can make your budget go a long way.

Look for Companies That Go Beyond the Lead

Many companies in the legal marketing industry will promise high-quality leads, but in reality, they are providing a list of potential plaintiffs that are unqualified. Before you decide to hire a legal marketing company, you should ask a few questions to understand what you're actually buying:

  • How are they spending your money?
  • What are you getting in return?
  • If they are providing leads, are they qualified?

Make sure they have transparency in their pricing. Let's say you have $25,000 to spend on a marketing campaign. And your goal is to acquire 25 new clients with that budget. Traditional marketing companies may apply that budget to a variety of media channels, but can't guarantee the spend will help you achieve your end goal of gaining new clients. They may or may not deliver 25 new clients with your $25,000. There's just no way to tell with this approach.



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