Twenty years ago, we founded MTMP as our effort to bring the mass torts bar together, in an inclusive manner, so that collectively, we could organize, strategize, and marshal our resources to protect our clients from the abuses of corporations and other defendants who place money and greed above the public health, safety and welfare.

Looking backwards over the last 20 years, we are very proud of all that we have accomplished together.

Now, we face one of the biggest challenges in the coronavirus that mankind has seen in our lifetime, and we must band together to protect ourselves, our neighbors and friends from its potential ravages. Therefore, and with heavy hearts, we place the health of the public over our collective professional agenda and must cancel our upcoming MTMP conference set to begin on April 22 at the Wynn Hotel and Casino.

We will convene again on October 14 at the Bellagio for the largest and best conference ever, where we will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this great organization that we have built together.

In the meantime, keep yourselves and your families safe, and God bless each and every one of you. Pay attention to and follow the guidelines set forth in

All the Best!

Mike Papantonio and Mark Proctor