The Alvarez Law Firm

Speaker Bio

There are less than 1% of the trial lawyers in the US who are fellows of the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers.  It's composed of only the top attorneys in the country, as determined by their peers. One of them is Alex Alvarez.

As a trial lawyer, Alex is most known for his courtroom battles against Big Tobacco””Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds, who together control over 86% of the total U.S. cigarette market.

To date, Alex has won over 30 verdicts against the world's largest tobacco companies, in the process recovering approximately half-a-billion dollars in damages for his clients and their families. His win rate against the tobacco syndicate is unrivaled, reputedly among the highest.

Beyond tobacco litigation, over his storied 30-year legal career, Alex's accomplishments and accolades have spanned a variety of practice areas””from pharmaceutical and product liability to medical malpractice and injury cases. Then there is his first career in law enforcement, which may be the most colorful and consequential of all.