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 As a respected leader and recognized authority in mass tort litigation acquisitions, I bring extensive knowledge and seasoned experience to navigate this complex field’s ever-evolving and intricate landscape adeptly. My immersive engagement has cultivated a profound understanding of the nuanced legal terrain and a heightened awareness of the latest trends. This wealth of expertise, coupled with a proven track record of facilitating the acquisition of mass tort cases, positions me as an indispensable asset for any firm aspiring to thrive in this specialized domain.

As Chief Revenue Officer at Shield Legal, I have spearheaded substantial eight-digit revenue growth by orchestrating strategic initiatives. These initiatives encompass dynamic business planning, cultivating results-oriented team dynamics to empower high-caliber teams, and unlocking new levels of performance excellence. My unwavering commitment to addressing client needs has been pivotal in the success of these endeavors.

I am deeply passionate about sharing my insights and perspectives on the captivating world of mass torts. My enthusiasm extends to illuminating the challenges and opportunities that shape this multifaceted legal arena. I am eager to leverage my knowledge and experience to assist your firm in confidently and successfully navigating the intricate landscape of mass tort litigation.


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April 3

11:00 am Innovations in Lead Generation and Protecting Your Bar Card Cristal 5