Levin Papantonio Rafferty

Speaker Bio

Brandon L. Bogle is a shareholder at Levin Papantonio Rafferty. He received his undergraduate degree from Florida State University in 2004 and his Juris Doctor from the Florida State University College of Law in 2007, graduating magna cum laude. Mr. Bogle ranked first in his graduating class and seventh for the graduating year. During his third year of law school, he worked for the Florida Department of Community Affairs addressing various statewide growth management and land use planning issues.

Before joining Levin Papantonio Rafferty, Mr. Bogle practiced as an assistant public defender in Florida's Eighteenth and Fourteenth Judicial Circuits. As an assistant public defender, he acted as lead counsel on more than fifteen jury trials, including two life felony cases, and engaged in appellate practice at the circuit court level. In 2009, Mr. Bogle was recognized as instrumental in DUI defense litigation and selected as the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers DUI scholarship recipient for the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit.

Mr. Bogle has focused the majority of his practice on mass tort litigation. He has been actively involved in the litigation of multiple mass tort projects including, but not limited to, those involving the pharmaceutical products Trasylol, Fosamax, Yaz, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and Opioids. In doing so, he has successfully represented thousands of plaintiffs in various products liability cases. Additionally, Mr. Bogle has acted as trial counsel in multiple jury trials involving osteonecrosis of the jaw suffered by patients taking Fosamax along with serving as trial counsel in multiple cases involving heart attacks suffered by patients taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Mr. Bogle has also served as appellate counsel in multiple pharmaceutical cases and has conducted oral argument in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit on the issue of federal preemption.

Mr. Bogle has significant expertise in conducting complex depositions of physicians and corporate witnesses. Moreover, he has written numerous legal briefs to address complex legal issues. As a result of his extensive legal writing experience, he has served on the Law and Briefing Committee for the Testosterone Replacement Therapy Products Liability Litigation.

Mr. Bogle also continues to devote his practice to criminal and single event personal injury cases. He has acted as trial counsel in several personal injury trials involving injuries suffered by the negligence of others. Each trial resulted in a substantial verdict in favor of Mr. Bogle's clients. He has represented numerous personal injury plaintiffs and successfully resolved their cases short of trial. Mr. Bogle has also served as trial counsel in felony criminal cases since joining Levin Papantonio Rafferty and remains dedicated to defending those accused of serious criminal offenses.