Kherkher Garcia

Speaker Bio

Bret Stanley joined Kherkher Garcia LLP in October 2019. Over the course of his career, Mr. Stanley’s practice areas have focused on litigating pharmaceutical device and drug claims, mass tort litigation, catastrophic personal injury litigation, complex insurance litigation, and Jones Act / Maritime Injury litigation. Pharmaceutical Drug and Devices / Mass Tort Litigation A large part of Bret Stanley’s practice concerns litigation of pharmaceutical device and drug claims. Over the past decade, Mr. Stanley has litigated claims in the Transvaginal Mesh multi-district litigation, Inferior Vena Cava Filter multi-district litigation, Hurricane Harvey Eminent Domain litigation, and Las Vegas Shooting litigation. Collectively, these litigations comprise thousands of claims and are being prosecuted against some of the biggest corporations in the world.

Since 2019, a substantial focus of Mr. Stanley’s practice with Kherkher Garcia has focused on litigation against Uber and other Rideshare companies. Mr. Stanley and the Kherkher Garcia Team have gained significant knowledge concerning Uber’s system and practices through thousands of claimants against Uber. Mr. Stanley has acted as first-chair attorney in 9 trials against Uber that have gone to final Arbitration Hearing. Importantly, Mr. Stanley and the Kherkher Garcia team won the very first Wage and Hour trial in California to go to final Arbitration Hearing against Uber. In addition to wage and hour claims, Mr. Stanley focuses on Rideshare Sexual Assault Claims, Rideshare Physical Assault Claims, and Rideshare Motor Vehicle Collisions.

Mr. Stanley has gained substantial litigation experience against major pharmaceutical drug and device manufacturers. Mr. Stanley has deposed hostile corporate witnesses of pharmaceutical companies, taken 30(b)(6) depositions of hostile corporate representatives, deposed hostile pharmaceutical company expert witnesses, developed multiple general causation expert witness reports effecting thousands of cases, prepared and presented general causation plaintiff experts for depositions, developed case specific expert reports on hundreds of cases, prepared and presented case specific experts for depositions, drafted and served full written discovery, completed full motion practice (dispositive motions, Daubert motions, motions in limine, etc.), and drafted and filed appeals to the circuit court. Currently, Mr. Stanley is a member of the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee for the Option™ Vena Cava Litigation situated in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas of Pennsylvania. As part of Plaintiffs’ leadership in this litigation, Mr. Stanley has taken a lead role in deposing corporate representatives and third parties associated to the claims against the manufacturer of the Inferior Vena Cava Filter. Mr. Stanley is preparing for trials that are scheduled to occur in 2020 against the manufacturer of the Option™ Vena Cava Filter. In addition to litigating claims, Mr. Stanley has developed mass tort management processes for all phases of pharmaceutical device and drug cases from initial intake, complaint filing, medical record acquisition, discovery, profile form / fact sheet submission, expert designation, settlement negotiation, and final resolution / settlement. Mr. Stanley has managed mass tort dockets consisting of thousands of clients. Bret Stanley has substantial experience litigating personal injury and car wreck claims. Mr. Stanley handles all phases of a personal injury claim and has taken personal injury claims to trial.

Mr. Stanley’s trial and litigation experience with catastrophic injury claims maximizes the potential for recovery for injured clients. Bret Stanley also has substantial experience litigating residential and commercial property damage insurance cases. Mr. Stanley has litigated claims against insurance carriers concerning property damage related to hurricanes, wind, flood, and foundation subsidence. Mr. Stanley has fully prepared insurance related cases for trial and has made oral argument to many state and federal judges in the prosecution of insurance and contract dispute claims. Bret Stanley has trial experience in Jones Act / Maritime Injury litigation. Much like his experiences with catastrophic injury and pharmaceutical implant litigation, Mr. Stanley’s maritime injury litigation experiences allows him to maximize the recovery for those who sustain maritime injuries.