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Brian Devine is a founding partner at Seeger Devine LLP and his practice focuses on complex product liability and class action litigation. His depth of knowledge of product liability litigation stems from his years working in the medical device industry, and he now uses that experience to represent patients who are injured by complex medical devices and pharmaceuticals.  

Brian attended law school at night while working as the risk manager at Sulzer Medica, a firm based in Switzerland that made complex medical devices such as pacemakers, heart valves, and orthopedic implants.  As Sulzer Medica's Assistant General Counsel, Brian was responsible for all of the firm's product liability cases worldwide. When the company suddenly had to recall several thousand hip and knee implants in December 2000, Brian was given lead responsibility for managing the resulting avalanche of litigation.  

While in-house at Sulzer, Brian managed thousands of individual cases and directed attorneys in almost every state in the country. He also managed a federal Multi-District Litigation proceeding and several coordinated state court proceedings. He then took a leading role in negotiating a nationwide class-action settlement which compensated victims of the recall while, at the same time, saved the company from financial disaster.  

“‹In 2002 Brian founded the law firm Seeger Salvas & Devine LLP (now Seeger Devine LLP) with his partners Ken Seeger and Adam Salvas.  At Seeger Devine LLP, Brian represents plaintiffs in high-stakes medical device and pharmaceutical product liability cases.  Brian's legal and medical knowledge combined with the unique perspective he gained while in-house makes him a formidable adversary.  Brian's experience includes managing litigation at all stages of the lifecycle from pre-litigation through appeal. Additionally, Brian has significant experience managing coordinated actions, both in federal and state courts. 


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