Speaker Bio

Bridie Farrell is a leading advocate for sexual abuse survivors and a senior advisor at Milestone.

Bridie was sexually abused at age 15 by her then-33-year-old speed skating teammate. Since coming forward in 2013, Farrell has committed her life to supporting survivors as they disclose their trauma, seek legal counsel, and navigate post-litigation decisions. Farrell was a driving force in passing the New York Child Victims Act and Arizona H.B. 2466, extending the statute of limitations for survivors to file civil suits in both states. She also founded America Loves Kids, a nonprofit that educates the public on child sexual abuse, collaborates with policy makers on survivor-focused legislation, and connects survivors to legal resources.

Bridie has expanded her advocacy to helping survivors in the post-settlement phase of their journey with Milestone. We help survivors understand and manage their settlement monies to achieve lasting financial security.