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Speaker Bio

Dr. Brook Parker-Bello is an author, actress, and champion against human trafficking, and the CEO of More Too Life, Inc, an Open Doors Outreach Network Provider. She is also the founder of Youthiasm® a ministry to ignite empathy and honor. She is also the author of several successful educational curriculums aimed at the prevention of sexual exploitation and gender-based violence in the 21stcentury related to the Legacy of Fatherhood. Aside from holding a PhD in Pastoral Clinical Counseling, she was recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama and White House, the Advocate of the Year Award from Attorney General Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott, most recently named by Google as a Google Next Gen Policy Leader and named my United Way Worldwide as a hero for her work.

Dr. Bello has spoken alongside presidents and prime ministers, at University’s such as Wheelock College in Boston, Georgetown University, Liberty, Regent, Miles, Alabama U, UVA, and has also created a unique cutting edge digital protocol called for sexual violence and trafficking plus drinking and drug awareness program with Jim Rouches for college campuses and military bases called SOS U. Dr. Bello is also the creator of a new innovative tool along with her developer partner Kevin Angell; a victim and mentoring case management online system with a very cool case management APP now in test mode that live syncs to make serving victims of human trafficking and high risk youth just a bit easier for them and those that provide mentoring services. To know more about Brook please visit her websites at moretoolife.org, sosuniversity.com, and livinginsidetherainbow.com.


When to see them

October 23

11:00 am Full Decriminialization of Prostitution - The Impact Grand Ballroom 5