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Cason Carter is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Broughton Partners. He started his career in corporate insurance sales and saw first-hand how businesses put profits before people. This led to his passion in becoming an advocate for victims of corporate negligence.

Cason prides himself on being a servant leader to his team and fiduciary to the claimants and law firms who put their trust in Broughton Partners. He feels his most important duty is ensuring all decisions throughout the organization are made with the company's vision and mission as the driving force. With a relentless focus on execution for the claimants, team members and law firms Broughton Partners serves, the company has experienced tremendous growth in a short amount of time. Cason has created an engaging and inspiring company culture where all team members have an equal role and voice in creating a world without corporate negligence. His emphasis on innovation and belief that a business's success starts and ends with its employees have contributed to the accomplishments of Broughton Partners. Cason strives to build a team as passionate as him to achieve Broughton Partner's mission to help 500,000 people by 2025 and fulfill Broughton Partner's vision of a world without corporate negligence.


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April 3

11:00 am Innovations in Lead Generation and Protecting Your Bar Card Cristal 5