Broughton Partners

Speaker Bio

An entrepreneurial enthusiast at heart, Cason Carter along with the partners at Broughton Partners have worked side-by-side with industry leaders to identify a need and create a unique solution specifically designed for Personal Injury Law Firms of any size.

After earning a degree in Business from Clemson University, Cason began his career in corporate insurance sales. Seeing first-hand how businesses put profits before people is what fueled Cason’s passion to advocate for victims of corporate negligence. At only 26 years old, Cason helped develop a Plaintiff’s case management software and led their nationwide sales. From here, Cason connected with like-minded entrepreneurs who realized the need for transparent lead generation, along with efficient case acquisition and intake management.

Joining forces with industry experts and equally passionate individuals, the mission of Broughton Partners was created; focusing on identifying a firm’s individual needs and connecting victims with qualified attorneys. It has been a challenging yet rewarding process to see Broughton Partners grow and to put into practical application the lessons and advice he has received over the years. Cason attributes the success of Broughton Partners to the dedicated team of individuals committed to making a difference.