Cossich Sumich Parsiola & Taylor

Speaker Bio

Christina Cossich is a nationally recognized environmental attorney and a partner at Cossich, Sumich, Parsiola & Taylor in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

With a primary focus in complex civil litigation, Christina has represented individuals, governmental agencies, and businesses in individual lawsuits, class actions, and multi district litigation. She held a prominent leadership role in the Deepwater Horizon Plaintiffs' Steering Committee Science Group, where she was tasked with determining the environmental impacts and the fate and transport of chemicals from the BP oil spill. Christina also currently represents several coastal Louisiana parishes against the multitude of oil and gas companies that have contributed to coastal land loss and the contamination of the Louisiana coast. She is passionate about her practice and helping people across the country affected by natural disasters and environmental contamination.

Christina was appointed by the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina to serve as a member of the Plaintiff's Executive Committee in the Aqueous Film-Forming Foams Products Liability Litigation.