Broughton Partners

Speaker Bio

Damon Barr is a seasoned veteran in the fields of advertising, digital marketing, business development, data analytics, and technology. He helps companies and law firms to dramatically grow their businesses and increase profitability. His leadership continues to deliver results for his organizations and for companies looking to expand their reach with increased bottom-line revenues. Working closely with management teams, sales teams, and clients; he provides rapid sales growth and ensures customer success with repeatable, quantifiable processes. Damon has a strong and proven track record of growing sales and profitability through client-driven success. Damon is a principal and the CRO at Broughton Partners, where he leverages his experience to oversee sales and finance, while working with all departments to maximize value for our company, our client law firms, and the claimants we help connect with attorneys. In addition to his involvement at Broughton Partners, Damon is also a principal in several ventures where he maintains active management and advisory roles.