Dan Comunale

Verus LLC

Speaker Bio

As Director of Business Development, Dan is an integral member of the Verus team by delivering on the exceptional overall client experience that clients have come to know and expect while optimizing value at every turn. Dan travels around the country to meet with clients and foster relationship and to seek out opportunities for new business for the company. Dan’s leadership ensures the entire business development process is managed in the most efficient and client-centric manner so that law firms can focus on all the legal facts of the case and do what they do best, litigate. Dan takes great pride and enjoyment in taking clients through a successful collaborative experience and ensuring that expectations are met or exceeded.

Dan has over a decade of experience in the litigation support services world handling a wide variety of complex matters. He has been involved in a broad range of litigation support cases, encountering numerous challenges and providing real world solutions to the betterment of the client. Dan has vast experience in working law firms of all sizes on both sides of the courtroom which will provide unique perspective in handling client matters.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, playing lacrosse and expanding upon business ventures.