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Speaker Bio

Darren was born in London, England and lived there for 10 years before moving to the United States. The son of Jamaican immigrants, who worked hard to put themselves through college, he was brought to America as his parents pursued the American Dream. They sought to provide a better education for their children and as Darren grew he too saw the opportunities that education and hard work would provide. It was through this exposure he began working to achieve his dream of becoming an attorney.

While in high school, Darren was invited by a friend’s father to shadow him at his law office. A partner in his firm, he allowed Darren to interact with his team, learn about researching cases and observe general strategy sessions. Though this attorney had a very full docket of cases, he also donated his time to his community and social causes that affected it. This had an amazing impact on Darren. He learned that though you may find great financial success and recognition with a successful practice, giving back through your time and sharing your knowledge with others who can not afford or otherwise access good representation is the ultimate reward.

To achieve this goal of being able to provide for his future and assist his community, Darren attended Texas A&M University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. After graduation, Darren returned to Houston from College Station and began his pursuit of his MBA from the University of St. Thomas and shortly upon attaining that, he began law school at Texas Southern University.

During this time he interned for a Mass Tort attorney. He worked on cases involving psychiatric fraud. He was appalled by how the patients were abused both emotionally and physically. The families were often times misled by big corporations more interested in the profits they could make than in actually helping their patients. This lead to terrible abuses which included kidnapping and sometimes even death. Darren worked, as an intern, on these groundbreaking cases and was able to be a part of the solution. He assisted in helping the families seek and receive justice for their unnecessary pain and suffering. Darren witnessed first hand how powerful the law could be to help right the wrongs and give peace and assistance to victims of abuse. The impact of this case has stayed with Darren. Many of our most important cases today pertain to victims of exploitation. Darren has sought to help them and to educate society in an effort to prevent creating more victims.

Darren is more determined than ever about what he can do for his clients. He feels a great sense of duty and responsibility to make the public aware of issues in our society. He is working hard to change laws, assisting victims and continuing to help those who need to be heard. Darren strongly believes that he can and will make a difference in his client’s lives and together we can all make the world a better place.