Seeger Weiss

Speaker Bio

A senior partner at Seeger Weiss, Dave represents individual and corporate plaintiffs in state and federal courts throughout the country. His practice focuses on litigating and trying complex commercial and product liability matters. Dave’s docket involves a wide variety of cases, including pharmaceutical injury, product liability claims, trade secrets, commercial disputes, pension challenges, securities and investment fraud, and consumer claims. Though the scope of his cases is broad, they are usually large, national, high-stakes cases, generally destined for trial. By their nature, they are often centered in federal multi-district proceedings or analogous state coordinated proceedings, where Dave is often selected by his co-counsel or appointed by the courts to lead them as liaison counsel, lead counsel, or a member of plaintiffs’ executive/steering committee.

Having majored in chemistry and biology in undergrad, Dave’s scientific background is a ready asset featured in the technical and pharmaceutical cases in which he often focuses. He is likewise known for his extensive experience in the discovery and preservation of electronic information, and has served as a consultant in this capacity for many other law firms. He is frequently invited to speak to an array of audiences and conferences””directed to practicing plaintiffs’ and defense attorneys, judges, students, and professional organizations””on issues concerning trial practice, discovery, and complex and products liability litigation.