Eisbrouch Marsh

Speaker Bio

David Eisbrouch hasbeen in personal injury practice for over 25 years. Since founding Eisbrouch Marsh, LLC, he has dedicated his entire legal careerto victims of all manner of negligence from car accidents and slip and fall cases to pharmaceutical litigation and medical malpractice.

Through theyears as a leading trial attorney, Mr. Eisbrouch has earned a reputation of sincerity and compassion toward his clients, professionalism in the courtroom, fair dealings with opposing counsel, and most importantly- successful results. Among his most notable achievements arethe roles he played in the history-makingVioxx and Avandia mass tort settlements.Mr. Eisbrouch has been involved with many moremass tort litigations includingmetal-on-metal hip implants, transvaginal mesh, Actos, Yaz, Chantix, Bextra/Celebrex, Actos, Zyprexa and others.

In addition to his vast experience with personal injury and mass torts, Mr. Eisbrouch takes special pride in the work he has done representing thosewho have fallen victim to civil rights violations including all manner ofdiscrimination, sexual harassment, false arrest, police brutality and more.

Today, David Eisbrouch continues to help those who have suffered serious and life changing injuries recover compensation for the pain they have been made to endure.Licensed to practicein both state and federal courtthroughoutNew York, New Jersey, and Washington DC, Mr. Eisbrouch also affiliateswith reputable law firms all over the country.