Plaintiff Support

Speaker Bio

Dean recognizes the need to provide Law Firms with the best and most affordable financing and or exit/recap options to help attorneys manage, grow, exit/merge, and or recap their law firms effectively, efficiently, and ethically. Dean’s offerings include a variety of Plaintiff-oriented bank products/credit lines with Esquire Bank, and other financial institutions, including but not limited to private equity, family offices, and institutional capital. Additionally, Dean has ownership interests in a multitude of diverse funds that can virtually offer any law firm a wide variety of innovative and affordable financing options they may require, including non-recourse attorney, medical, and specialty funding.  

While many firms continue their growth, some need operating capital to survive the lean times or possibly even consider a firm merger/recap/acquisition, which Dean can help.

Over the years, Dean has started and successfully exited several companies in our space.  He also has accepted Board Member appointments by plaintiff trial lawyer organizations to help guide them within our ever-changing industry.

Dean is committed to assisting the plaintiff industry: to help those law firms who help people who have been tragically injured through no fault of their own. His creed is “doing it right every day”.