Plaintiff Support

Speaker Bio

Dean Chase has been business leader in the legal industry for almost two decades.  He is well regarded, highly sought after, and is uniquely qualified as an industry expert in law firm financing, banking, litigation and medical funding, ancillary services, and special projects for law firms who are in growth and or repositioning modes, including mergers and acquisitions.

Dean is a frequent lecturer and is invited to speak at dozens of industry events nationwide for well over a decade. Some of these events are including but not limited to NTL, AAJ, MTMP, Gerry Spence's  TLC, TBIML, M&L, FJA, The Mark Lanier Conference, John Romano's Workhorse, CCS, TTLA, Advocacy 360, LAJ, and many dozens of state and local Trial Lawyer Associations aka “œTLAs”. 

He also serves on various Boards, including a Nationwide Legal Organization with an attorney membership base of 60,000 plaintiff lawyers.

Presently Dean serves as President & Chief Executive Officer of Plaintiff Support Services aka PSS, which opened its' doors in 1992 and is considered one of the first funding companies in the United States.  PSS operates in 32 states and provides pre-settlement, medical/surgical/TBI, expert, and case funding along with Mass Tort Project Financing.  The offerings are robust and flexible, geared to meet the challenges of trial lawyers seeking justice.

Dean truly appreciates and understands the many hurdles law firms face in handling personal injury and mass tort cases.  His unique skill sets have proven to help our community help those who can't help themselves in their time of need.  Dean also lends guidance with the law firms to maximize their recoveries for their clients.

In 2011, Dean started a highly successful litigation medical funding company. The organization grew under his Management from a true start-up to over 100 million in annual revenue (23 million EBITDA) across 46 states prior to his successful recapitalization exit in 2018.

Dean has also owned and operated a Pre-Settlement Funding Company that now operates in 20 plus states, as well as a Plaintiff Oriented Pharmacy and Transportation Firm, operating in Texas, which he successfully exited in 2021.

Dean is also a Partner and Special Consultant at Esquire Financial Holdings, Inc., (NASDAQ: ESQ), where he has lectured on behalf of Esquire Bank while leading and lending his relationships to help law firms secure new offerings along with options for non-bank financing as well.

In the beginning of Covid in 2020, Dean started what is now the Nation's largest industry sponsor association, Trusted Legal Partners, again to help our industry and the many who serve it.  TLP presently has approximately 50 Members and growing rapidly.

Dean has countless relationships in this industry nationwide and is a uniquely valuable resource. 

Dean is 54 years old and lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife Elizabeth Zwibel, who herself happens to be a highly successful Plaintiff's Lawyer. He has two adult aged daughters, one of whom is a Plaintiff's Lawyer litigating water rights. 

In his free time, Dean is a Big Brother to two teenaged boys through Big Brothers' Organization of America.  He is an avid outdoorsman and remains dedicated to helping Plaintiff Lawyers fight for justice.