Gentle Turner & Benson

Speaker Bio

Ed Gentle is the Founding Partner of Gentle, Turner & Benson, LLC. He is a Rhodes Scholar and has 5 college degrees, 3 in law. He has practiced law for 37 years, spending 90% of his professional time serving as Special Master in Mass Tort litigation and settlements. He has helped create and administer over $2 billion in Settlements during the past 25 years.

His specialties are MDL Special Master for both sides, MDL and Mass Tort Common Benefit Master to help Plaintiffs run the case as a business, community mass tort settlements involving chemical spills, fires, train derailments, smelters and factories, Aggregate Settlements, and Appeals Master.

His firm supports this practice and was formed in 1989.


When to see them

October 11

3:15 pm Special Masters in Mass Torts Grand Ballroom 4&8