Speaker Bio

Gareth is a Managing Director in Stifel's Legal Services Group. The team have raised over $1.5bn of capital for investment in legal markets around the world, with a focus on the US.

The team operates:

  1. Globally (US, Europe, UK, Asia)
  2. Across the converging verticals of law firms, litigation funding and legal technology
  3. Across all capital types (equity and debt, private and public)

The team is used to breaking new ground as the sector evolves. Notable transactions include one of the world's largest off balance sheet law firm funding vehicles (the law firm shares the profits, but is not exposed to losses, and there are no personal guarantees), the first international law firm to IPO in London and two Arizona ABS fund raises. Within litigation Stifel has experience of mass tort funding, personal injury, ESG litigation and corporate litigation. An ever-increasing number of investors are attracted to the sector as they become aware that legal services offer high returns that are not correlated to inflation, interest rates, GDP or the S&P500; our last US transaction involved the distribution of over 350 “œteasers” and saw over 70 institutions review the data room in a $275mn equity deal that was over-subscribed.