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Judge (ret.) Jack Garvey has been practicing law for 35 years in St. Louis. He began his career in private practice, then moved to the city’s prosecuting attorney office, where he tried 23 cases to verdict. He was then elected to the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, where he served for four years while also practicing as a trial attorney before joining a trial law firm. While in private practice, he tried 50 cases to verdict.

In 1998, Judge Garvey was appointed to the associate circuit court bench, where he served five years until he was elevated to a circuit court position and served for an additional 13 years. During his time on the bench, he presided over 200 jury trials, and served as the chief criminal judge, presiding juvenile court judge and assistant presiding judge, as well as the chief judge of the 22nd Judicial Circuit mass tort docket.

Following his return to private practice in 2015, Judge Garvey has been involved as plaintiff’s co-counsel in the Paxil litigation of Orrick v. GlaxoSmithKline, St. Louis City Circuit #1322-CC00079; co-lead counsel in the opioids litigation of Jefferson County v. Williams, #20JE-CC00029; and local counsel in Roundup cases. 

In addition to his litigation work, he has been appointed several times as a special master on discovery matters by St. Louis city and county courts. In addition, Judge Garvey was appointed mediator by the circuit court in the case of the City of St. Louis v. National Football League and the Los Angeles Rams, having successfully negotiated a $790 million settlement for the plaintiffs in 2022.

Judge Garvey obtained his B.A. in urban affairs in 1983 from St. Louis University, and earned his J.D. in 1986 from Rutgers University School of Law. He is an adjunct professor of law at Washington University School of Law and St. Louis University School of Law.

Judge Garvey resides in South St. Louis with his wife, Kathy, a retired registered nurse. They have four children who also live in St. Louis. He enjoys running, reading and grilling.


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