Burford Capital LLC

Speaker Bio

Mr. Blackburn is an experienced business executive who has run substantial lending and principal investing businesses worldwide. Mr. Blackburn is the founder of AmRock Advisors and AmRock Capital, which invests in complex structured instruments and private companies, typically on a distressed or venture basis. He now serves as an executive with Burford Capital.

Previously, Mr. Blackburn was a Managing Director at Merrill Lynch & Co. and Merrill Lynch Bank USA. He spent 16 years in the firm’s institutional markets division founding and managing various principal investment desks across a broad range of asset classes, including commercial real estate, distressed credits, consumer debt and small business loans, and founded the firm’s distressed real estate investment and asset based lending businesses in Japan. Before joining Merrill Lynch, Mr. Blackburn spent five years with Citibank‘s real estate investment bank and two years working as an Economist with Freddie Mac.

Mr. Blackburn graduated with a BA in Accounting, an MBA in Finance, and a JD from the University of Georgia.