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Jeff is a driven and multifaceted legal professional with a combined science and law background. Armed with an undergraduate degree in Pre-Law and Biochemistry, Jeff has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the practice.

Throughout his undergraduate degree and after graduation, Jeff has worked on numerous cases at Levin Papantonio Rafferty. For almost ten years, Jeff has been a vital part of the logistics and functions of several departments. He has worked on various cases at the firm, including 3M Earplugs, DePuy Hip, Stryker, Smith & Nephew, Bair Hugger, Elmiron, 3T Cardiac Heater, Human Trafficking, Social Media Addiction, and most recently, Talcum Powder. His ability to research complex scientific data and assist in navigating discovery has been pivotal for helping attorneys in the progress of cases.

Beyond academic and professional achievements, Jeff embodies a passion for social justice and a relentless dedication to helping clients and preventing future consumer harm. He is committed to using his unique background and expertise to help those in need, ensuring that the law remains a powerful tool for combatting wrongdoers.

Jeff’s journey from a Pre-Law and Biochemistry education to a seasoned professional in mass torts and single event cases, and now a law student, exemplifies a rare fusion of scientific insight and legal understanding. His unwavering commitment to the practice and the pursuit of knowledge marks him as a rising star in the legal field.


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April 4

11:00 am Project Management – Predicting What is Needed and the Application of Best Management Practices Avignon
4:00 pm Paralegal College Networking - Building Connections Across Projects Avignon