Babin Law

Speaker Bio

Growing up Jenny has always wanted to be an attorney. Jenny wanted to help those who could not stand up for themselves and seek justice against those who harmed innocent victims. 

Throughout Law School, Jenny worked in various aspects of law.  She worked as a Mediator for Franklin County Small Claims Court for Magistrate Tony Paat where she mediated numerous civil disputes. 

Jenny also clerked for the Honorable Judge John A. Zottola, founder of Veterans Court, at the Alleghany County Court of Common Pleas Fifth Circuit. In Veterans Court, Jenny worked with Judge Zottola, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, United states Attorney's Office, U.S. Office of Probation and Pre-Trial Services, the Federal Public Defender's Office and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, to better assist justice-involved veterans who have mental health and substance dependency issues that may have related to their military service.  Jenny loved Veterans Court because she worked to find alternatives to incarceration for servicemen and women. Jenny stated, “œseeing them find love and support from people they have never knew before as they work to re-enter society, is truly an eye-opening experience as to how much trust they have in the legal system.”  

After graduating Law School in September 2020, Jenny began her legal career at Babin Law, LLC as a law clerk working on the Boy Scouts of America MDL litigation. Shortly thereafter, she received her License to practice law in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Since March 2021, Jenny has been heading the firm's Human Trafficking Department with Steven Babin and a consortium of lawyers across the country. She represents survivors of human trafficking against industries and corporations that benefit from their suffering. Jenny advocates for social change in the judicial system to promote the prevention of human trafficking within those industries. Jenny is also on Leadership for the Research Committee for the MDL Baby Formula NEC Lawsuit. Jenny has also assisted on various mass tort projects at the firm such as Hernia Mesh, CPAP, and Valsartan. 

Jenny is also an official legal analyst for the Law & Crime Network and Court TV. She has provided countless hours of live commentary for the Law & Crime Network and Court TV involving all aspects of criminal and civil trials including unpredictable witness testimony, cross-examinations, and jury trial verdicts. She has provided legal analysis on high profile cases over the past year including those involving: Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Trial, Nasson Joaquin Garcia, Beauty Queen Tara Grinstead Murder Trial, Curtis Reeves, Brett Hankison, William Husel, Chrystul Kizer, and more.

In her spare time, Jenny enjoys spending time with her husband, family and dog, Abigail, as well as continuing her learning education in Personal Training and as a Holistic Nutritionist.