Speaker Bio

Jeremy Whiteley is a volunteer with Unsilenced and a tech serial entrepreneur working on his third startup, Medtexter, a healthcare technology solution for medication adherence. His last startup, Marketsync, was one of Saleforce.com's first 30 AppExchange partners. Marketsync was venture capital-funded in the fall of 2008 and had a successful exit in 2013. Jeremy is a tech-savvy, open-minded, self-starter with a passion for marketing, who likes to come up with innovative solutions to help others.

Jeremy is a survivor of the TTI and spent 17 months at Provo Canyon School in Provo, UT, from 1989-1991. He came forward with Paris Hilton to help promote her documentary, This is Paris, to help generate awareness about the Troubled Teen Industry. His story was featured on front page of the Sunday edition of the Salt Lake City Tribune and has appeared on Inside Edition and twice on Nancy Grace's Crime Stories.