Speaker Bio

Jessie is the founder of SimplyConvert, an an all-in one legal intake platform that incorporates an AI chatbot, automated intakes and client follow ups through a CRM. She began her legal career as a tax attorney at Deloitte in Chicago where she was given the opportunity to work with some of the brightest technical minds on International Tax work serving some of the largest corporations in the world.Although she really enjoyed the challenge of international tax law, she also had a more creative side that she was unable to channel into her tax work. Using her time as a stay-at-home mom to refocus her interests, Jessie returned to her legal career in a totally new capacity – as marketing director of TorHoerman Law.

Jessie is thrilled to advocate for people lacking a voice when they are harmed by large corporations that are put in a position of trust in marketing drugs to the public. There is no more important tool than information when health decisions are being made, and Jessie feels a great deal of satisfaction in being able to provide that information.At TorHoerman Law she is able to utilize her legal background in writing blogs and researching new areas of litigation, but, she is also thrilled to be able to use her creative talents to find new ways to warn the public about potential safety issues.