Weisbrod Matteis & Copley

Speaker Bio

Joshua Katz is a partner at Weisbrod Matteis & Copley PLLC. The National Law Journal named Joshua Katz a 2018 Elite Boutique Trailblazer. Mr. Katz was selected for his work representing policyholders in insurance coverage disputes after natural disasters. He was the only insurance coverage lawyer selected.

Mr. Katz advises policyholders, on a variety of issues related to insurance coverage and strategic risk management. He assists his corporate clients in evaluating their existing insurance portfolios, procuring industry specific coverage, and recovering from insurers when significant losses occur. Mr. Katz has represented corporate policyholders with respect to a wide range of matters, including matters involving property damage, cyber liability, professional liability, and directors and officers liability. His practice includes clients from a wide range of industries, including hotels and condominiums, food and beverage companies, law firms, automotive manufacturers, technology companies, hedge funds and private equity firms.

Recently, Mr. Katz and his partner August Matteis lead WMC’s team that represented over 1,100 business owners and homeowners in FEMA’s Hurricane Sandy claims review process. After FEMA’s insurance companies were caught committing fraud and underpaying policyholders after Sandy, FEMA agreed to allow all policyholders to reopen their claims.

Rather than accepting FEMA’s second round of low-ball offers in the claims review process, WMC took the unprecedented approach of arbitrating over 1,000 claims over the past year to ensure that every one of its clients received a fair hearing and an opportunity to recover what was owed to them. WMC’s clients recovered an average of nearly four times what others received through the same review process.