Speaker Bio

Ken Hardison is the brainchild behind PILMMA (Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association). He is an attorney who built not one, but two multi-million-dollar law firms before selling them at age 52.

Ken created PILMMA to share his attorney trade secrets to build a profitable and successful law practice. It has grown into a multi-million-dollar organization with members from all across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

PILMMA started as a part-time venture arising out of Ken’s passion to help other lawyers get out of the 9-5 rat race and significantly increase the amount of free time they have.

Rooted in a deep-felt commitment to help lawyers avoid the mistakes and pitfalls Ken encountered while building his own firms – the goal remains the same:

“To help as many lawyers as possible create the practice of their dreams. More profits. More Cases and a law firm that gives you freedom to live the life you want and experience greater success on your own terms.”

PILMMA provides its members with a multitude of Practical and Proven Tools, Tactics, Strategies, Coaching and Mentoring all designed to help lawyers scale their law firms for greater growth and success.


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October 8

3:15 pm 5 Keys to Getting the Most Out of Your Remote Employees