Justice Law Collaborative

Speaker Bio

Kimberly (“Kim”) Dougherty knew from an early age that she wanted to help people. She volunteered for Big Brother Big Sister in college and quickly became passionate about issues facing women, children and those in need. Kim then earned a Master's degree in Social Work and worked in child protective services on a disciplinary team of lawyers and social workers in the Manhattan Family Courts. Soon after, she recognized that many people needed more than social work services. They needed a legal advocate. That's when she decided to become an attorney. 

Kim's law practice quickly turned to the people who needed the help most: ones severely injured and harmed by corporations and institutions that put profits before people. Today, she is a leading attorney in complex pharmaceutical, medical device mass tort, personal injury, sexual assault and civil rights litigation, regularly lecturing nationwide on these topics and receiving Court appointments to lead litigations across the country. Kim has obtained multiple millions of dollars in settlements on behalf of thousands of clients against big corporations and institutions, and worked hard to also attain non-economic change to protect people in the future, including through FDA warnings, legislative change, creating healing funds, procedure and policy change and more. To Kim her work is about her clients and their healing and about justice, in every shape and form.

In 2021, Kim co-founded Justice Law Collaborative to help provide trauma informed legal services to those who need it most.  Prior to founding Justice Law Collaborative, Kim served as a partner and the Managing Attorney of the Boston office of two separate nationwide law firms for many years. She is a volunteer advocate as President of the Massachusetts Women's Bar Association and current President of National Women Trial Lawyers, and has regularly testified at the State House on laws to protect the rights of women and children, and lobbying legislators on those laws. She leads litigations across the country and has regularly lectured on various torts, a trauma-informed approach to assault cases, as well as the importance of increasing gender diversity in the judiciary and elected office. Kim is an experienced and fierce advocate, ready to help you with dedication and compassion to your cause.