Speaker Bio

Laura has been a part of the OnderLaw, LLC legal team since 2014. She studied at Webster University double majoring in Political Science with an Emphasis in Public Law and Psychology.  She has been a Certified Paralegal since 2007. Laura is an active member of the St. Louis Paralegal Association. Prior to coming to OnderLaw, she worked at a small Plaintiff's law firm from 2005 to 2010 handling personal injury and workers' compensation cases. She also has experience handling Products Liability at a large defense firm where she worked from 2010 to 2014 before coming to OnderLaw, LLC.

Laura holds a unique position at OnderLaw, LLC as a Trial Litigation Paralegal working on Personal Injury, Mass Tort, and Class Actions.  She handles a heavy case load, with a wide array of case types including single event Personal Injury, Product Liability, Nursing Home Neglect, Medical Malpractice, Class Action and Mass Tort cases (i.e. Talcum Powder, Roundup, Risperdal, IVC Filter, PCB and Opioid Cases).

Aside from handling her daily work on single event cases and class action cases, her other responsibilities include case workup and trial preparation for individual Mass Tort cases in state court and Bellwether cases within Multi-District Litigations.  Laura tracks and maintains all deadlines and workup related to these trials, including Dispositive Motions, Motions to Exclude, Motions in Limine, Deposition Designations, Witness and Exhibit Lists and expert workup. Laura is vital to ensure cases going to trial are 100% ready. Laura has provided Lunch & Learn Training to firm Paralegals in an effort to help bridge any knowledge gaps between how a Mass Tort case is worked up versus a Personal Injury case, noting the similarities and differences and how to address the nuances of each.