Social Media Victims Law Center

Speaker Bio

Laura Marquez-Garrett has spent her twenty-year career handling complex litigation matters and business disputes. For the last decade of that, her focus and specialization have been on all things electronic discovery. Laura has served as special discovery counsel for clients and law firms and has consulted on all manner of data and discovery-related innovations, issues, and disputes.

At her prior firm, Lane Powell, Laura founded and led the firm's innovative electronic discovery practice group and discovery division, Lumos. She transitioned to the Social Media Victims Law Center in February of 2022 because she wanted to contribute to the center's mission of holding social media companies legally accountable when they fail to protect users from foreseeable harm.

In addition to founding and serving in leadership roles for all things discovery-related at her prior firm, Laura has an abundance of other discovery experience and knowledge that will make her an asset to SMVLC. She has conducted and managed countless early case assessments and several significant (and successful) forensic investigations, utilizing her expertise and love of all things discovery to achieve unprecedented results.

While Laura Marquez-Garrett's prowess as discovery counsel is abundantly clear, she is also a strong advocate for equity and social justice. Laura has been a proud member of the National LGBT Bar Association and the National Council of La Raza. She also served as Hiring Partner for her prior firm in 2019, then as co-chair of its newly formed Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee from 2020 until her departure.

Laura's unique combination of electronic discovery experience, lengthy track record of success when navigating complex litigation matters, history of advocacy, and sheer relentlessness make her an ideal partner in the fight against social media malfeasance. Laura looks forward to bringing her wealth of expertise and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion to the Social Media Victims Law Center.

Laura is a 2002 Harvard Law School graduate and is admitted to practice in Washington and California.