Justice Law Collaborative

Speaker Bio

Liz Stevenson is currently a social worker and paralegal with Justice Law Collaborative in Massachusetts. Liz has dedicated her career to being the voice for those who need it most. Starting with an associate degree in Early Education, Liz then went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science specializing in Human Services and became a social worker in the State of Massachusetts where she excelled within the child protection division. She fought tirelessly for families to stay together and to receive all the necessary support to reach that goal. She has been a strong advocate and mentor in the juvenile, probate and criminal court system for those who seek to change their lives for the better. She has particular expertise with young children, adolescents, and adults who are survivors of sexual abuse/assault, gender harassment, sex trafficking and domestic violence. She understands the impact of trauma that contributes and often times exacerbates mental health disorders that in turn can lead to addiction, criminal activity and incarcerations.

In her role at JLC, she is instrumental with the firm’s representation of thousands of trauma survivors. She devotes much of her time to survivors of sexual and physical assault within boarding schools, cults, the troubled teen industry, human trafficking and many other institutions where those most vulnerable are targeted. She helps them process their trauma, find local resources and begins them on a journey of healing and holding perpetrators accountable.  Her expertise in being trauma informed when working with survivors is guided by both her educational and career background but also her personal experience knowing far too many people who have not only survived a history of trauma but also those who have not survived. As Liz puts it: she’s in this for the long haul until all survivors are heard and accountability is had!