Drive Digital Advertising

Speaker Bio

Luke Hyde is the founder and owner of Drive Digital Advertising. Luke grew up in this age of emerging technology and could always see it’s potential to help others. Deciding to take a more untraditional path, Luke skipped the corporate world and went straight to helping businesses and consumers through online marketing first as a freelancer and then in 2019 started Drive Digital Advertising. Drive Digital Advertising now focuses solely on helping law firms increase their caseload through their pay per qualified retainer program. In 2023 alone Luke has helped his clients sign over 500 cases.

The mission of Drive Digital Advertising wasn’t focused on financial status but on helping people connect with businesses they need. Being in the legal industry for the last few years, Drive Digital Advertising’s focus has been on connecting victims with the best law firms in the country to help them get the justice they deserve, all through the power of digital marketing. Drive Digital Advertising is on the cutting edge of all things digital marketing and prides itself on sticking to ethical practices and not cutting corners. If a law firm is looking for a reliable, ethical way to increase their mass tort or class action case load, they can count on Luke and Drive Digital Advertising. With their pay per qualified retainer program, Drive Digital Advertising can ensure they’re helping truly qualified individuals on their way to get compensation, while ensuring maximum ROI for their law firm clients.

Luke is a graduate from the University of Michigan and lives in the Detroit metro area.