Law Tigers

Speaker Bio

Lyonel Gammon is the National Director of Marketing and Licensing at the American Association of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers, the Law Tigers, with over 12 years of broad marketing experience. Three years prior to joining the Law Tigers, Gammon elevated his career in legal marketing as a marketing manager for a national personal injury law firm where he was responsible for building a national presence through strategic marketing and brand management.

Prior to his launch into the legal vertical, Gammon gained experience and passion for marketing by building brands for a myriad of business verticals while working for Simmons Media Group. Additionally, as on-air talent for Citadel Broadcasting, he quickly developed a passion for marketing, as he was able to incorporate his marketing acumen into the production of special features, making Citadel’s stations local market favorites.

Lyonel Gammon brings a wealth of experience and passion to AAMIL, as evidenced by the company’s meteoric rise and the adoption of Law Tigers as a nationally recognized brand.