Justice Law Collaborative

Speaker Bio

Martha Carol is an associate at Justice Law Collaborative, LLC who focuses her practice on attaining justice for survivors of sexual abuse and discrimination, among other personal injury cases. To do so, Martha focuses on flipping the power dynamic by amplifying the voices of those who have been unjustly ignored and by fighting for what would bring individuals healing and accountability.

Martha has more than eleven years of experience in the legal field, starting as a community advocate, senior outreach paralegal, and later becoming an attorney. She earned her law degree in May 2022 and passed the bar in the summer of 2022. While completing her legal studies, Martha worked as a student attorney for a clinic investigating cold-case racial violence and lynchings, in addition to internships with a federal magistrate judge, a criminal defense attorney, and a civil rights attorney. Martha worked from 2013 to 2019 as an investigator, policy advocate, and paralegal at a large non-profit legal organization. There she advocated for the civil rights, safety, and dignity of individuals in schools, the mental health system, group homes, psychiatric facilities, prisons, and in the justice system. In addition to supporting impact litigation, Martha engaged in policy advocacy in both municipal and state legislative bodies to fight for the rights of children and was appointed by the Governor of Louisiana to sit on a task force to draft conditions standards for the state’s juvenile incarceration facilities.

Throughout her work as a paralegal, Martha sought out tools and knowledge to support clients who had endured violence and trauma and who were experiencing debilitating mental health symptoms. After connecting with mentors and taking as many CLEs and CEUs and trainings as possible, Martha began training other paralegals and attorneys on doing trauma-informed legal advocacy and representation. She is passionate about working to create supportive, compassionate attorney-client relationships and advocacy strategies with individuals who have experienced trauma and continues to train legal workers to build their trauma-informed practice.  Martha is proud to now be using her legal skills and experience to fight for justice with her brave clients who are survivors of abuses within schools, cults, the “troubled” teen industry and other institutions and is honored to stand beside them in this fight.