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Speaker Bio

Michael Braun has represented shareholders and consumers in class action litigation for the past 27 years, serving as lead or liaison counsel in well over a hundred cases.

He was named Lawyer of the Year in 2000 by California Lawyer Magazine, and has been recognized annually since 2005 as a Super Lawyer by Los Angeles Magazine.

Mr. Braun is a graduate of the London School of Economics, Loyola Law School, The Hague Academy of International Law and the University of California at Los Angeles. He is licensed to practice law in the United States, England and Canada. Mr. Braun is a member of the California, New York, District of Columbia bars, the Law Society of Ontario (Canada) and the Law Society of England and Wales.

Mr. Braun has dedicated his entire legal career to representing plaintiffs and class members across a variety of legal disciplines including: securities, antitrust, banking, employment, privacy and consumer fraud. Over the past several years he has focused his attention on food, vitamin and nutritional supplement fraud ““ specifically issues concerning false and misleading labeling, adulteration, substitution, unsafe and unlisted ingredients.

“œFood is an integral part of our daily lives. As consumers we have the fundamental right to food provenance, authenticity and transparency. In recent years, economically motivated food fraud has become rampant ““ not only denying consumers the right to make informed decisions as to what they consume, but economically harming them by denying them the benefit of what they paid for, and in some instances, putting their health in jeopardy. Consumers must not only be vigilant of fraudulent actors, but be willing to take legal action to protect their rights.”