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Attorney Phil Georges is an accomplished trial lawyer having tried over 100 cases and successfully resolved thousands of others. He brings this experience and history of success to serve injured people across Middle Tennessee, Milwaukee, WI, and Norfolk, VA. Attorney Phil Georges is also a member of the Zantac®️ trial team in the Southern District of Florida, which is fighting to protect the interests of individuals across the country who have been diagnosed with cancer after taking this dangerous drug.

He is also a devoted father and husband who is heavily involved in his community and who believes in the practice of law as a means to help others.

As the alpha of The Wolf Pack®, Attorney Phil Georges is determined to fight for his clients just as ferociously as if they were members of his own family or “pack.”


Attorney Phil Georges has obtained numerous honors, including:

  • Voted and appointed to the Civil Plaintiff Executive Committee of the National Trial Lawyers Association
  • Diplomat status with the National Trial Lawyers Association
  • Top 100 Civil Trial Lawyers in Wisconsin by the National Trial Lawyers Association.


Attorney Phil Georges obtained his law degree at Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where he served as vice-chairman of the Trial Practice Board. He was later elected at Duke University School of Law to serve as the governor for the 4th Circuit of the American Bar Association. He began his career in law as a public defender in Virginia and later developed his extensive skills as a trial attorney representing injured people.


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