Speaker Bio

Randy Nordstrom is a legal strategist, technologist, branding expert, and the current president of the Mass Tort Vendor Association. He is best known for founding Focus DMG, a legal marketing and management consulting company.

While attending Film School at UCLA, he developed a passion for creating compelling narratives. Randy believes the right messaging creates zealous advocacy and he uses that principal to build brand success. He leverages his cinematic storytelling experience to dramatically improve the efficacy of traditional legal communications which helps firms garner tremendous visibility and increased market share.

Over the past 15 years, Randy has developed a client list that includes some of the largest law firms in the industry and has innovated technology that is driving some of the largest companies in the legal space. Randy leverages years of experience working directly with law firms to uncover gaps in performance and productivity and builds custom programs that offer specific solutions to help firms become more profitable. His primary focus is to utilize data and technology to help firms grow their practice by increasing their process efficacy and fluidity. He applies his expertise to guide firms through the complicated landscapes of acquisition, medical review and verification, and subrogation. He also has a team of experts who leverage their resources to help lawyers engage with media, marketing, and publicity related opportunities while helping identify each firm's most profitable avenues of pursuit.

Randy has lectured at various universities and appears frequently as a speaker at legal seminars. Randy is considered an expert in single event and mass tort case acquisition and has been recognized with countless awards and certifications. He has helped innovate technology and developed systems that extensively research and analyze accident, injury, and pharmaceutical data to create solutions specifically crafted to maximize a firm's market share and profitability.

Randy is a founding member of the Mass Tort Vendor Association and the Mass Tort Alliance. He is an active member of the Director's Guild of America and the Writer's Guild of America, and a Partner in the National Injury Law Center. Randy lives in Virginia Beach with his partner of twenty years, Jennifer, and their three children, Graydon, River, and Waverly.