Speaker Bio

Raymond Mieszaniec, Co-Founder and COO of EvenUp, is driven by a profound mission shaped by personal experience. Witnessing his family’s struggle with the legal system after his father faced a life altering car accident, Ray was compelled to level the playing field for others. Thus, EvenUp was born — a revolutionary AI-powered platform designed to maximize personal injury claims by crafting comprehensive demand packages complete with medical summaries, damages evaluations, and storytelling — rooted in facts, computations, and verdicts.

An accomplished entrepreneur and 500 Startup alumni, Ray’s previous venture revolutionized finance recruitment with simulations for top-tier investment banks. His unwavering dedication to justice and promoting equitable outcomes propels EvenUp forward, empowering attorneys and their clients to seek rightful compensation. Through AI technology and visionary leadership, Ray is reshaping the legal landscape and making justice attainable for all, one case at a time.