Speaker Bio

Rick Tadrick is the National Director of Business Development for MedFinManager™. Rick joined MedFin in 2009 and has directed the expansion of the company’s market share, each year since. Over the last ten years, many players have entered the niche market of medical lien based care. Rick is responsible for keeping MedFin in the position as the premier leader in lien based healthcare, through innovation and an intimate understanding of the litigation process.

In 2012, Rick was approached by attorneys in the TVM mass tort cases, who were seeking medical assistance for their injured clients. Since that time, Rick has developed and maintained a continuing relationship with Mass Tort attorneys whose clients require medical treatment. Rick has led MedFin through a variety of mass torts, which include TVM, Hernia Mesh, Hip and Knee revisions and most recently, IVC Filter litigation.  This has led MedFin to purchase millions of dollars in client’s medical needs, giving the client access to the quality care they deserve.

Rick brings to attorneys, his unique understanding of the ever-changing dynamics of medical doctors and facilities, across the country. He helps integrate these changes with the litigation needs of the attorneys and firms working with these tort victims. This makes for a true Win, Win, Win, for all involved.