Speaker Bio

Ryan is a co-founder of Massive and runs the Lien Resolution Program as Chief Operating Officer. Ryan specializes in Medicare compliance and lien resolution. He is an expert in ERISA lien resolution through his work with hundreds of different health insurance plans. He combines this lien resolution expertise with his detailed attention to Massive’s proprietary workflow and OCR systems.

Ryan began his career as a personal injury attorney for Weiner & Associates, LLC in Chicago, IL. He is currently licensed in Illinois and Washington D.C.

He has presented lien resolution and ERISA topics at events sponsored by various professional organizations, including WILG, 360 Advocacy, and the National Business Institute.

Ryan earned his B.A. in History at the University of Michigan and his J.D. at Chicago-Kent College of Law. Ryan worked as a photographer for the Michigan Daily newspaper during his time at the University of Michigan traveling to sporting events throughout the Big Ten, at Madison Square Garden, and the Rose Bowl. These days, Ryan enjoys watching those same sports, cooking, and practicing yoga.


When to see them

October 22

12:00 pm Outsource Your Lien Resolution for a Better ROI